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Our team of experienced, well-reviewed, and medically qualified caregivers are available to visit your home in multiple cities across India.

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"I needed someone reliable to stay with and help my mother who was home alone at the time. Abrar sent a female attendant over in the next few hours even though it was already late at night, so someone could be with her at all times. He really helped me sleep in peace that night. Thank you!"



"I had a surgery and needed daily medical dressing. I called Abrar and am happy to recommend his service. He came home and changed my dressing with utmost care. He is like a friend now and I contact him for all my home medical needs"



"Unfortunately my mother suffered from severe illness and I requested Mr. Abrar for help. He constantly helped us to meet our request 24*7. I am satisfied with the services and care providers. I owe you a debt of gratitude. I'm eternally grateful for your support. Thank you."



"I underwent surgery and was under the impression that as soon as I reach home I will be fine. I realized that post-operative care was an integral part of my path to recovery and avoiding any recurrence. I am blessed that Abrar and his team were recommended to me."


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Elderly Care Attendants

Professional elderly care attendants to visit your near and dear ones.

Including bedside attendants and companions for administering medicines, injections, IV infusions, as well as for feeding, bathing, cleaning, grooming, and other bathroom assistance for your loved ones.

If needed our elderly care assistants can also help run errands, or accompany elders to social events.

Home Nursing Services

Experienced home nurses for diabetes care, cancer care, cardiac and respiratory care, orthopedic care, neurological care, and more.

Including home nurses for cancer and chemotherapy patients, including breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colon cancer.

As well as cardiac and respiratory care for asthma, bronchitis, cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, and coronary artery disease.

Orthopedic home care for arthritis, fracture, femur fracture, fracture of tibia, hip replacements, knee replacements, other joint replacements, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other bone-related ailments.

As well as experienced and caring attendants for patients with neurological injuries including stroke, hemorrhage in the brain, or any other trauma.

Post Surgery Care

Post-operative care for major surgeries including abdominal, abscess, amputation, angioplasty, appendectomy, CABG, cataract, cholecystectomy, colostomy, craniotomy, hair transplant, hernia, hysterectomy, kidney transplant, LSCS, mastectomy, tonsillitis, TARP syndrome, tracheostomy, tympanoplasty, and other critical care surgeries.

Medical Equipment on Rent

We can help setup and manage a complete home ICU setup, as well as help procure professional medical equipment on rent including a hospital bed, oxygen cylinder, oxygen concentrator, oxygen therapy machine, ventilator, nebuliser, Ambu bag, BIPAP machine, CPAP machine, ECG machine, multi-parameter monitor, DVT pump, suction pump, infusion pump, air mattress, wheelchair, walker, and more

We can also help source the most expensive injections, medicines, and medical materials at the most competitive prices.

Injection and Medical Tests at Home

We can help our clients with administering injections or vaccinations at home.

And also help arrange an array of essential medical tests at home, including all blood investigations, ECG, ABG, Sleep Study, Holter Monitoring, X-Ray, and more.

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Safe & Reliable

All our experienced nurses and medically qualified attendants are highly reliable and can be well-trusted to take exceptional care of your near and dear ones.

Get Well from the Comfort of Your Home

Get well in the company of family and friends in your own house, and not in an impersonal and sterile hospital room with limited visitors and visiting hours.

Working in Sync with your Surgeon

We follow industry best practices, including working in sync with your doctor or surgeon with a pre-treatment briefing, post-treatment debriefing, and other scheduled updates.

Save Money on Hospital Visits

By opting for Home Nursing or Home Care, one can expect to save as much as 50% over hospital and doctor visits for the same purpose.

Save Money on Medicines and Medical Equipment

We have direct relationships with leading medical brands and can help source medical dressings and medical equipment on rent, including hospital beds, ICU units, and more at the most competitive prices.

Available in These Cities Across India



Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow, Kanpur, and Meerut.



Chandigarh, and Mohali.



Jaipur, Ajmer, and Alwar.

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