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Our Team of Professional Home Attendants for Elderly in Noida are Available On-Call 24/7.

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From Experienced Doctors and Nurses to Medically Qualified Attendants - We Have Trained Staff for All Elderly Care Services at Home in Noida.

Affordable Packages

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Our Expert Elderly Care Services in Noida Include


24/7 Available across Noida


Elderly Care Attendant Services in Noida


Palliative Care in Noida


Medical Tests at Home


Physiotherapy at Home


Emergency Medical Assistance

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Home Attendant for Elderly in Noida Cost

View the Cost of Our Highly-Reviewed and Affordable Elderly Care Services in Noida.

12-Hours Attendant (per shift)


24-Hours Attendant (per day)


Home Nurse (only injection)


Home Nurse - 1 hour


Home Doctor (General Practitioner)


Medical Equipment on Rent


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"I needed someone reliable to stay with and help my mother who was home alone at the time. Abrar sent a female attendant over in the next few hours even though it was already late at night, so someone could be with her at all times. He really helped me sleep in peace that night. Thank you!"



"I had a surgery and needed daily medical dressing. I called Abrar and am happy to recommend his service. He came home and changed my dressing with utmost care. He is like a friend now and I contact him for all my home medical needs"



"Unfortunately my mother suffered from severe illness and I requested Mr. Abrar for help. He constantly helped us to meet our request 24*7. I am satisfied with the services and care providers. I owe you a debt of gratitude. I'm eternally grateful for your support. Thank you."



"I underwent surgery and was under the impression that as soon as I reach home I will be fine. I realized that post-operative care was an integral part of my path to recovery and avoiding any recurrence. I am blessed that Abrar and his team were recommended to me."


Homes Visited


Happy Clients


Medical Setups at Home

Explore Our Full List of Home Care Services

Elderly Care At Home in Noida

Comprehensive elderly care services are offered by our qualified caretakers for elderly in Noida.

Assisting with daily duties like feeding, washing, grooming, and restroom assistance, as well as giving medication and injections, providing bedside and companion care.

For Senior Citizens, we can also offer home attendants for elderly in Noida who can help with errands and accompany them to social events.

Home Nursing Services

In addition to providing elderly care services, we also offer skilled home nurses for patient care services in Noida.

Our team of nurses for healthcare at home in Noida have received specific training in caring for cancer patients and chemotherapy patients. In addition to people who suffer from cardiac and respiratory problems such bronchitis, asthma, and congestive heart failure.

We also provide patients with hip and knee replacements, osteoarthritis, and other ailments orthopaedic home care services in Noida.

Care for patients with neurological ailments, such as stroke and brain haemorrhage, is also accessible from our team of skilled and sympathetic attendants for patients in Noida.

Post Surgery Care

For patients recovering at home in Noida after a variety of major surgical procedures, we offer expert post-operative nursing care.

Including post-operative nursing care at home in Noida for abdominal procedures, abscess drainage, amputation, angioplasty, appendectomy, CABG, cataract surgery, cholecystectomy, colostomy, craniotomy, hair transplant, hernia repair, hysterectomy, kidney transplant, LSCS, mastectomy, tonsillitis, TARP syndrome, tracheostomy, and tympanoplasty, as well as other critical care surgeries.

Medical Equipment on Rent

We are able to set up and oversee a full-service home ICU setup in Noida.

Additionally assisting with the procurement of specialised medical equipment on rent in Noida.

Including a hospital bed on rent in Noida, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrator on rent in Noida, oxygen therapy equipment, ventilators for rent in Noida, nebulizers, Ambu bags, BIPAP machine on rent in Noida, CPAP machines, ECG machines, multi-parameter monitors, DVT pumps, suction machines for rent in Noida, infusion pumps, air mattresses, wheelchairs, walkers, and more.

Additionally, we can assist in sourcing the most expensive injections, medications, and medical supplies at the most affordable costs.

Injection and Medical Tests at Home

We assist our Senior customers in giving injections or vaccinations at home as part of our Elderly Care Services in Noida.

We also assist in setting up a variety of important medical tests at home as part of our Home Health Care Services in Noida, including blood tests, ECG, ABG, Sleep Studies, Holter Monitoring, X-Rays, and more.

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Safe & Reliable

All our experienced nurses and medically qualified attendants are highly reliable and can be well-trusted to take exceptional care of your near and dear ones.

Get Well from the Comfort of Your Home

Get well in the company of family and friends in the comfort of your own home, and not in an impersonal and sterile hospital room. With limited visitors, visiting hours, tasteless food, no outdoor view, poor entertainment options, uncomfortable quarters for those accompanying you, and also an increased risk of secondary infections.

Working in Sync with your Surgeon

We follow industry best practices, including working in sync with your doctor or surgeon for a pre-treatment briefing, post-treatment debriefing, and other scheduled updates as needed.

Save Money on Hospital Visits

By opting for Home Nursing or Healthcare at Home, a patient can save as much as 50% over hospital visits for the same purpose.

Save Money on Medicines and Medical Equipment

We have direct relationships with leading medical brands and suppliers and can help source medicines, injections, medical dressings, and medical equipment on rent, including hospital beds, ICU units, and more at the most competitive prices.

FAQS - Elderly Care Services at Home in Noida

Areas Covered in Noida and Greater Noida

We offer Elderly Care Services across Noida, including:

Areas covered in Noida include

Bahlolpur, Baraula, Bhangel, Chaukhandi, Gadarpur, Hajipur, Hosiery Complex, Khora Colony, Mamura, Noida Extension, Parthala Khanjarpur, Sarfabad, Shital Vihar, Shiv Park, Sorkha, Yakubpur.

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Sector 20, Sector 21, Sector 21A, Sector 22, Sector 23, Sector 24, Sector 25, Sector 25A, Sector 26, Sector 27, Sector 28, Sector 29, Sector 30, Sector 31, Sector 32, Sector 33, Sector 33A, Sector 34, Sector 35, Sector 36, Sector 37, Sector 38, Sector 38A, Sector 39,

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Sector 150, Sector 150A, Sector 151, Sector 151A, Sector 152, Sector 153, Sector 154, Sector 155, Sector 156, Sector 157, Sector 158, Sector 159, Sector 160, Sector 161, Sector 162, Sector 163, Sector 164, Sector 165, Sector 166, Sector 167, Sector 167A, Sector 167B, Sector 168, Sector 168A.

In Greater Noida

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Badalpur, Beta I, Beta II, Bironda, Birondi, Bodaki, Bulandshahr, Chhapraula, Dadha, Dadri, Dankaur, Delta I, Delta II, Delta III, Dhoom Manikpur,

Ecotech 12, Ecotech 13, Ecotech 14, Ecotech 15, Ecotech 16, Ecotech 16A,

Ecotech Extn, Ecotech Extn I,Ecotech I, Ecotech I Extn, Ecotech I Extn I, Ecotech I Extn II, Ecotech II, Ecotech III, Ecotech Industrial Area, Ecotech IX, Ecotech VI, Ecotech VII, Ecotech VIII, Ecotech X, Ecotech XI, Ecotech XI A, Ecotech XII,

Gamma I, Gamma II, Gautam Budh Nagar, Golf Course, Greater Noida West, Gulistanpur, Habibpur, Jaitpur Village, Jalpura, Kappa I, Kappa II, Kasna, Khadar Ke Marhiya,Knowledge Park I, Knowledge Park II, Knowledge Park III, Knowledge Park IV, Knowledge Park V, Kulesara,

Lakhnawali, LAMBDA I, LAMBDA II, Omega I, Omega II, Omega III, Omega IV, Omicron I, Omicron IA, Omicron II, Omicron III, Omicron IV, Pari Chowk, R1, Scheme Pocket P3, R1 Scheme Pocket P4, Rampur Jagir,

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Sector RHO I, Sector RHO II, Sector Tau, Sector XU I, Sector XU II, Sector XU III, Sigma I, Sigma II, Sigma III, Sigma IV, Sikandrabad, Surajpur, Surajpur Site IV, Surajpur Site V, Swarn Nagri,

Tech Zone, Tech Zone II, Tech Zone III, Tech Zone IV, Theta II, Tilapta, Tugalpur Village, Tusiana Village, Tusyana, UPSIDC Site A, UPSIDC Site B, UPSIDC Site C, Zeta I and Zeta II.

What is the Cost of Elderly Home Attendant Services in Noida?

We provide Home Attendants for Elderly in Noida priced at ₹700 for a 12 hour shift, and ₹850 for a 24-hour shift.

Our complete price list is as following:

* 12-hour Attendant - ₹700
* 24-hour Attendant - ₹850
* Home Nurse Visit (Only Injection / Vaccination) - ₹500
* Home Nurse Visit (1-hour visit) - ₹900
* Doctor Visit (General Practitioner) - ₹3000

Contact us if you need a long term caretaker for elderly in Noida.

What are the Benefits of Availing Elderly Care Services at Home in Noida?

Elderly care services can offer assistance and peace of mind by offering specialised medical care and individualised attention to your loved ones at home.

We provide bedside attendants and companions for elderly clients in Noida as well as help with feeding, bathing, cleaning, grooming, and other restroom needs. We also dispense medications, injections, and IV infusions.

If required, our knowledgeable home attendants for the elderly in Noida can also assist with errands, accompany seniors to social activities, and more.

Do Home Attendants for Elderly in Noida Provide 24/7 Services?

Yes, our home attendants for elderly in Noida are available on call for 12-hour or 24-hour shifts to take care of your loved ones.

Can Elderly Care Attendants Operate ICU at Home or Medical Equipment?

In addition to providing elderly care attendant services in Noida, if your loved one needs expert medical care.

We can also provide a professional nurse at home in Noida to tend to your loved ones' needs.

Additionally, we can also provide a professional ICU setup at home.

Including a hospital bed, oxygen cylinders, an oxygen concentrator, an oxygen therapy machine, a ventilator, a nebulizer, an Ambu bag, a BIPAP machine, a CPAP machine, an ECG machine, a multi-parameter monitor, a DVT pump, a suction pump, an infusion pump, an air mattress, a wheelchair, a walker, and more.

Can Elderly Patients get Medical Tests Done at Home in Noida?

It is difficult to transfer elderly and critically ill people to hospitals for diagnostic procedures.

For them, our staff of highly skilled phlebotomists and radiographers may assist in performing medical tests at home as part of our elderly care services in Noida.

We have connections with laboratories and diagnostic facilities, and our range of at-home medical tests includes routine blood tests, ECG, ABG, Sleep Study, Holter Monitoring, and more.

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